Each candidate’s name is a hyperlink to their Malden Votes Brief Summary of Policies, which is under a 30-minute read.


  • 23:59 starts.
  • 27:30 – Gary Christenson’s Opening Statement
  • 29:24 – John Matheson’s Opening Statement


  1. 32:00 – From the Malden Chamber of Commerce: Rising housing costs have become a serious issue for the residents of Malden. As Mayor, what strategies will you employ to address housing cost issues in the city and facilitate affordability for both renters and home owners?
  2. 40:10 – From the Asian Community, represented by the Greater Malden Asian American Coalition and the Chinese Culture Connection: What is your plan to address accessibility to all Malden residents in this diverse city?
  3. 48:22 – From Malden resident Jackie Ecker: As Mayor, you are Chairman of the School Committee. What would be your first priority for improvements in the district? 
  4. 55:00 – From Helen Weitz, who represents the Mass Senior Action Council: What do you see as the future of the Senior Community Center once City Hall is complete? Will the use of the building return to such activities like ping pong?
  5. 1:11:00 – From the Malden Chamber of Commerce: What are your thoughts regarding bringing more business and commerce to Malden? Would you encourage the creation of more small businesses run from home?
  6. 1:20:00 – From an anonymous audience member: According to the city’s records, for the last four years, Malden has had less than 3 miles of roads paved. What are your plans to repair Malden’s roads? How do you plan to improve resident awareness of the Malden lead pipe issue?
  7. 1:29:25 – From the Malden Chamber of Commerce: We know that the drug problem is a nationwide issue. There is speculation of a treatment center located on Commercial Street. There have arisen concerns regarding personal safety and potential business disruption. What is your plan to provide treatment while preventing potential problems from occurring? 
  8. 1:37:25 – From an anonymous audience member: Do you think Malden’s zoning ordinance needs revision? If so, how? And how does this dovetail with the creation and implementation of an inclusionary housing policy?


  • 1:45:20 – John Matheson’s Closing Statement
  • 1:50:51 – Gary Christenson‘s Closing Statement