Adam Weldai in a long-sleeved blue shirt seated at a table. His right hand is giving the thumbs-up sign and his left hand is holding a document.

Adam Weldai

Biography & Background Experience

  • EducationCAGS – Educational Leadership and Administration in Principal/Assistant Principal Pre-K-12 (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts) 2017; Masters Degree in Education (Tufts University) 2011; Bachelors Degree in American Studies and Education (Tufts University) 2010.
  • Current Employment: Assistant Principal at Wright Academy Middle School (Chelsea); previously a Principal Intern at Forestdale School (LinkedIn). 
  • Personal Statement: “As a first-generation college student I was blessed to have received the financial support necessary to attend Tufts and to have had the values of civic engagement and empathy instilled in me during my time there” (Tufts).
  • Previously ran for City Council in 2015 (AW 6/26/15 and 2/19/15)..Served as Ward 5 School Committee member.for 3 terms. “Weldai, who attended Malden High School, served on the Malden School Committee as its high school representative. He was consecutively voted in all four years by about 1700 students” (4/17/17).
  • Volunteer Work: Serves as the current chair for the Malden Democratic City Committee.

Policies & Experiences

  • Educational Equity: “excited to advocate for educational equity for the students and families across Ward 5 and Malden” (FB 9/22/19).
  • Health & Safety: With Jennifer Spadafora (Ward 3 School Committee), plans to pursue free breakfast & lunch at Malden Schools. “Currently, over 80 school districts and municipalities are already taking advantage of this resource and participating in the program – including Boston, Lynn, Chelsea, and Salem” (FB 10/2/19).

For More Information

  • Questionnaires & Debates
    • I could not find any public questionnaires that Mr. Weldai had answered.
  • Articles & Videos: 
    • 02148 podcast with Jerry Leone & Neil Kinnon – 5/23/18
    • Malden’s Mock Election – 11/2/15
    • Malden Musings – 6/27/15
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