On August 27, 2019, Malden Talks had a forum with all four Councillor-at-Large candidates. All voters in Malden will get to choose up to three of these candidates.

Current City Councillors-at-Large Stephen WinslowDebbie DeMaria, and Craig Spadafora and challenger Jerry Leone discuss the following topics:

  1. Opening Statements 1:14
  2. What is one change in Malden that the public benefits from? 9:34
  3. What were your goals when you first ran? Have you accomplished them? 14:10
  4. What is your plan to raise additional revenue for the city? 22:08
  5. What does a City Councillor do? 33:36
  6. How is the Council making sure that diverse voices and perspectives are heard and served? 43:00
  7. The Black community has a distinct culture. Do you plan to reach out to them? If so, how? 51:30
  8. How do you ensure that you are representing all Maldonians, new and old? 58:30.
  9. What is your definition of affordable housing and how do you plan to alleviate housing costs while not overburdening residents with overcrowding? 1:07:25
  10. How is Malden working towards limiting the impact of global warming? 1:18:20
  11. Closing Statements 1:30:00