Craig Spadafora

Biography & Background Experience

  • Education: MBA in Finance from Suffolk University – Sawyer School of Management (2003); studied Executive Leadership at The University of Chicago – Booth School of Business (2010); and got a Bachelor of Science at Northeastern University (1996).
  • Current EmploymentHead of Advisory & Platforms (Principal Financial Group) since May; AVP Product and Field Services (Signator Financial Services, Inc) since 2013.
  • Spouse & Children: Married to Debbie Spadafora, a nurse at Salemwood School. Father of 3, aged 7-11. They attend Mystic Valley Regional Charter School. (MT 6/29/19).
  • Skills: “As a third-generation Malden native, I’m committed to carrying forth Malden’s proud tradition of hard-working, reform-minded leadership to the Council. Since I was first elected, I have fought with integrity and passion on behalf of those I serve in Malden. I feel that in this environment my financial background, fiscal discipline, and accountability are need for the residents of Malden” (WL 10/29/09).
  • Biggest issues: fewer apartment buildings; increase in manufacturing

Policies & Experiences

  • Citizens

    • Cultural Sensitivity: “Malden is doing much better than other communities, but there is a lot more we can do. A goal for everyone is to make sure our city government is certainly a reflection about community … Our boards and commissions have gone up from 5% to 15% in hiring people of color; our city staff has also increased 5% to 12% – again, great strides but not enough. The key is to hire our broadening pool … I support putting money into an HR budget that would specifically call for this type of outreach and also to be an inclusive community, we have to make sure that everyone is engaged and we want to get people involved and interested in running for office” (Cal Forum 10/10/19).
    • Diversity: “That’s what makes this city great and obviously this country great but I often look at what what we have in common rather than what we don’t have in common … but there’s dozens of those types of organizations even the Kiwanis and the Rotary – they encourage the youth to join these academies” (CaL Forum 8/27/19).
    • Multilingual: “I know something that I have been pushing for when we do flyers [about] neighborhood meetings to put it in more than one language because I used to get feedback from some residents saying, ‘I don’t even know what this says and I can’t come to a meeting’ so we’re looking at purchasing a program that when they make the flyer, we automatically make it in different languages” (CaL Forum 8/27/19).
    • Racial Diversity: Told a story (at 52 minutes in) about witnessing a racist incident while a high schooler and how that has influenced him since. He actively seeks the feedback from Black and Asian friends. “I don’t openly go out there and put something on Facebook … I just trust my friend’s opinion. I trust my family’s opinion and hopefully I try to do that on a daily basis and am I getting perfect? Absolutely not, but that’s how you learn and doing things like this is – . Once you get to know people, you realize you’re all the same” (CaL Forum 8/27/19).

  • Governmental Transparency

    • Livestreaming: Mr. Spadafora would support a plan to provide resources to have all board or organizations that are associated with the city of Malden be live streamed and archived for the public. “Transparency in government is important, and the public has the right to know how and why decisions are being made by our public officials” (NV 9/24/19).
    • Voting Rights: Mr. Spadafora opposed the VOTE16 Ordinance. “What frightens me is you guys are 16, and you should be 16. You shouldn’t have to worry about the pressures of being an adult … I also don’t want to see the high schools become political stomping grounds for us” (MA 12/6/18).
    • Police & Fire: “I think everybody’s happy that we’re buying two new fire trucks this year … the police department [is fully staffed]” (MT 6/29/19).

  • Infrastructure

    • Affordable Housing: Mr. Spadafora has been working with Debbie DeMaria and Stephen Winslow on options like co-housing. “I think there’s a lot of buildings here that can be rehabbed [for] all types of people in certain aspects of their life” (Cal Forum 10/10/19).
    • Development: Would like to tax apartments at a commercial rate. “Now the other side is, people say, ‘If you tax different, they’re going to charge higher rents’ and I don’t know what the answer to that is either; but … I wouldn’t expect my neighbor to come in and build a seven-story building and ruin everybody else’s neighborhood regardless of their tax rate” (MT 6/29/19).
    • Housing: Proud to have played a part in increasing the parking requirements and the lot size for a single-family home and reducing the amount of pavement residents can have. “Unfortunately developers have tried to squeeze in a home into neighborhoods … that there isn’t enough parking for them, there’s not enough green spaces … and you know we always talk about the environment out so let’s see that’s a huge impact” (MT 6/29/19).
    • EnvironmentMr. Spadafora sits on the Energy Efficiency Committee. “We bought four or five electric cars for the parking department, which is zero emissions. We passed the plastic bag ordinance … I foresee the next thing that’s probably like eliminating plastic straws, I know the mayor’s office has been looking to get as many of those electric cars as possible into the city … We’ve planted I think more trees in the last five years than we’ve probably planted in the last 10 years … So I think we’re doing not nearly enough. I definitely want to say that” (CaL Forum 8/27/19).
    • Student Opportunity Act: Mr. Spadafora supports allocating these funds towards librarians; math and English coaches; guidance counselors; and special needs. “Unfortunately those children don’t have too many opportunities and they need additional help and it’s very expensive to run those facilities. Malden does a great job but money is ultimately the factor that can help those children live a more dependable and independent lifestyle” (Cal Forum 10/10/19).
    • Tax Revenue: Mr. Spadafora is in favor of small manufacturing (such as craft beer and other food products), which would increase revenue and potentially increase long-term residency in Malden. (MT 6/29/19).
    • Waste & Recycling: “I did not vote in favor of PAYT. I advocated for a one free bag incentive during the PAYT deliberations, by allowing this we would continue to help Malden lead the charge for recycling and reducing our tonnage that we pay to dump. The “one” free bag would allow residents to dispose of trash for free on a weekly basis while reducing our exposure to increasing tonnage fees” (WL 10/29/09).

  • Public Spaces

    • Green SpaceMr. Spadafora supports ideas such as charging developers who don’t provide enough parking and putting that money towards green space (MT 6/29/19).
    • Malden Hospital: “120-140 Maximum [units]. I am strongly opposed to the density and scale of this project of larger project. Anything larger would be completely out of character for our neighborhood. The current road system and infrastructure is already overtaxed” (NV 10/1/19).
    • Malden River: I know we’re looking at the Malden River in terms of there are cleanups happening over there. There’s talks about bringing back certain species of plants on that on that riverway” (CaL Forum 8/27/19).
    • Roosevelt Park: “Grass fields are expensive and almost impossible to maintain in New England weather and turf has become more often than not the preferred solution for difficult conditions. The opportunity to invest almost $2.5 million dollars to improve an underutilized field is why I support the Roosevelt field bond to turf. My support is predicated upon the use of natural infills (sand, cork, or coconut)” (MNN 5/29/19).
    • Table Tennis: “I would support bringing back table tennis but [the Senior Center] is for all cultures and all uses I know we have a great aerobics and computers so I would support having the table tennis here but we would also have to have the ability to offer other services for all the people of Malden. I wouldn’t make this room just for table tennis. I would want to have a multi-faceted approach to that” (Cal Forum 10/10/19).

  • Transit issues

    • MBTA: “I do want to see a focus on our public transportation. I think the MBTA has to do a lot more work on both our train stations” (MT 6/29/19).
    • Parking: “I have been in full support of citywide parking in some form … The idea is not to get more revenue. The idea is to create more parking for the residents of Malden” (MT 6/29/19).
    • Roads: “First of all, we live in a cold climate, where potholes unfortunately are nature’s gift. [Replacing] lead pipes is a mandate, and rightly so. The previous administration and no-fault to them, but [they] didn’t do enough to clean up those lead pipes and Mayor Christenson and this council probably spent a little bit too much money, but clean water is important … There’s been a $750,000 investment by this council this year to increase the lead lines. It’s also we’ve borrowed over $18 million to clean up the construction of those water pipes but … our roads are used as toll roads for other communities around us and we are working with our Police Department to cut down on speeding” (Cal Forum 10/10/19).
    • Students & Transit: “This is a multi-faceted issue besides which we mentioned today is road improvement, walkability, safety. I even go as far as the lighting … We have improved it drastically using the energy-efficient committee, which I know David Camell chairs now and I had the pleasure of chairing. We have LED [street lights] but we’re trying to improve that lighting around our schools. I know Stephen Winslow also working along with the City Council on a 28 mph speed zone around the school so this goes into multi faceted from from lighting to I think sidewalks and street repairs all the way to our state and federal representatives to attract more money at the end of the day” (Cal Forum 10/10/19).

  • Notes

    • Endorsement: “I was Ward 6 Councillor for 10 years. I served with Craig that whole time. I would say that he and I sided more often than not on most issues. Craig is one of those guys who could work in between to get things done … because he could bring us together” (Neil Kinnon, “02148” 11/14/18)
    • Also: Ran against Katherine Clark for the Middlesex & Essex State Senate in 2010. (MW Daily 10/22/10).

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