Photo of Michael Drummey standing in a suit with the official Malden seal behind him.

Michael Drummey

Biography & Background Experience

  • Education: Attended Wentworth Institute of Technology; Boston State College; and  Don Bosco Technical High School, Boston (Class of 1975).
  • Current Employment: Employed at Advanced Programs Inc (Salem, NH) since 1998. Currently finishing his second term as School Committee member for Ward 1. 
  • Spouse & Children: “When my wife, Margie, and I were looking for an apartment 19 years ago, we were fortunate to find a place here in Malden on Oxford Street. Two years later we knew this was where we wanted to raise our children so we bought the house across the street from us, the rest as they say is history.” (WL 11/24/10).

Policies & Experiences

  • Biggest issues: Budget, support for teachers
  • Motivation for running: “I’m just finishing my first term. it’s been an interesting two years I ran basically because the fact that nobody was running and that’s kind of sad” (2017 SC Forum).
  • Budget Priorities: “Two years ago I think, we went through the entire line item of the budget for the schools which was never done before and we were able to nitpick and take what we thought we could do to get away with helping out … It’s a tough thing to do. I mean, you look at it, you try to see where it can be done. You don’t want to get into the classroom … if you take away the resources of the teacher, you’re hamstringing the teacher and the teacher can’t do much when they don’t have the resources either” (2017 SC Forum).
  • Bullying: Kids are very smart, especially the younger ones. They pick up things, they pick up everything that they feel the emotion and it starts at the house. The parent has to be part of the child’s education and going towards the school back and forth with a dialogue with the teachers they can nip it in the bud in the beginning. Bullying I mean … you got a president that’s doing it. I mean you don’t need that. Teachers (at least that I have seen at the Beebe and Ferryway) they’re very involved with the children and they do help so if the kids do have a problem they can go to a teacher and it will work out well for them” (2017 SC Forum).
  • Busing: “Transportation is tough … Out of the 400,000 there was only 109 children taking the buses – in some cases, buses only had one child. We had a fiduciary responsibility to cut the budget without going in so we did the best we could” (2017 SC Forum).
  • Charter Schools“I voted no [on 2]. 1400 students go to the charter school. We have 6700 give or take and there’s 400 that go to the Voke. That’s 7,500 students This city can’t support 7,500 students. We don’t have room for them … you’re averaging 22-22 students it’s going to stay that way unless the mayor has a bucket of money someplace and we’re getting another school, it’s not going to happen” (2017 SC Forum).
  • Community: Frequently uses his Facebook Page to post information related to School Committee meetings, Parent Meetings (especially for Ferrywood), information about child safety and communication; and general events in Malden. 
  • Cultural Sensitivity: The subjects [have to be] culturally sensitive … I mean if you don’t, then the students, they’re gonna have a problem. They should say something. The teachers have the obligation to teach as well as they can, as best as they can and it’s infringement upon us as School Committee for people to help the administration expand the racial diversity that we have in this school because we can do better and we have to do better because we have 70 different languages and dialects being spoken so it has to get expanded and done quickly, so I think it can be done” (2017 SC Forum).
  • Diverse Staffing“There does need to be more diversity in what’s going on with the teachers. Again, the principals are the ones that hire their staff, the School Committee hires the superintendent, we okay the assistant superintendents and then the schools are given their autonomy to hire who they want … so it can be done. It will take time” (2017 SC Forum).
  • Student Diversity: “As far as resources needed to support a diverse student body, it’s a definite. You need to have it and coming up with the funding for it unfortunately is always going to come down to money and it’s going to take creative financing to do it and that’s something that we look at every Monday” (2017 SC Forum).

For More Information

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    • 2017 School Committee Forum – 9/26/17
    • 2010 announcement of candidacy – 11/24/10
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