Jerry Leone is one of four candidates for City Councillor-at-Large. All citizens will get to vote for up to three candidates.

These are Jerry Leone’s answers to questions that Malden Votes sent to all candidates. Jerry’s responses have not been edited or abridged. This is the PDF version of these answers.

What is your vision for Malden? 

To have a new public school, fire station on the eastern side of the city and affordable housing for seniors and veterans

What experiences have prepared you to serve on the city council? 

Serving in the military and school committee

Over the past four years, what actions of the city council did you most support or oppose, and why? 

Supported public forum, what I opposed was the support of more development and voting to raise the height limits for buildings

Which social issues do you care about, and why? How would you advocate for those issues? 

There have been Reports that the facility in our schools do not reflect the student diversity, there was no issue brought up about this during my time on the school committee, we can’t just give people jobs and say here, just teach but people of color or other races should be encouraged to get into the teaching field, I was one of the people who supported the first interim black superintendent 

What concrete steps can Malden make to address our environmental challenges, whether global or local? 

I feel that this issue of global warming is an issue that needs to be dealt with on a federal level because Malden has other pressing issues that I feel that are more important, we can go green, promote more open space, promote natural grass on our fields. 

Malden is a diverse city with many marginalized communities. What initiatives would you implement to support these communities? 

I would encourage people of other cultures to attend political meetings, encourage more cultural events etc..

How will you address Malden’s affordable housing crisis? 

My focus is to have affordable housing for seniors and Veterans 

What are your long term plans for expanding tax revenue? 

I want more commercial business to come into the city, we need more business and no more apartments 

Would you implement any changes around our city’s parking systems? 

No parking meters in squares that hold businesses, residential parking only mon-fri, not for people living out of malden to park here and use the T and we need more parking lots 

Some infrastructure challenges that face our city are degraded roads, lead pipes, and gas leaks. What initiatives would you implement to address these issues? 

Having safe roads, clean water and replacing our lead pipes should be one of this city’s top priorities and the prioritizing of money for the budget should be maintained to deal with these issues.

What do you think should be done with the Malden hospital site? 

What the people in that ward wanted, open space. I will not support any plans for apartments unless its affordable housing for seniors and Veterans

Now that Massachusetts has legalized recreational marijuana, would you encourage dispensaries in Malden? What would you do with the revenue? 

The dispensaries are on their way and if the revenue stream is great then it should be encouraged, if the revenue goes into the general fund then it should go paying for things that would help the citizens of malden, maybe take the revenue and buy barrels for every household

What is your vision for promoting civic engagement and increasing voter turnout in our city? 

Our elected officials need to be transparent, we need meetings shown on tv, have registration drives periodically, make it clear that if you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice or can’t make changes etc.. 

How can we increase citizen engagement in city council meetings? 

Well the council currently has open forum for citizens, send out notices or robocalls, many of the meetings are too long 

Everyone grows up holding personal biases. Please share an anecdote about a time that your own biases were confronted, and how you responded. 

In the Air Force I was a cop and are biased to them, but sometimes police officers get a bad reputation, both officers and citizens need to engage more with each other, when both sides have trust with each other they can rely on each other and everyone wins in the end!

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