Paul A. Condon

Biography & Background Experience

  • Employment: “Condon retired in 2005 after more than 30 years with the U.S. Postal Service, having served as manager of the Medford Post Office and later promoted to manager of the Malden/Melrose Post Office” (WL 5/6/15)
  • Service: “Condon served 26 years as the Ward 2 Councilor but decided not to seek reelection in 2011. State Rep. Steven Ultrino won that election and is serving out his second term as Ward 2 councilor and is reportedly not planning to seek reelection” He served as Council President 3 times (WL 5/6/15)
  • Committees: License; Malden Hospital Site Development; Parking Review; Personnel/Appointments; Public Works; Rules & Ordinance (City of Malden)
  • Prior Service: “Condon served for several years as a council representative on the Municipal Building Committee, overseeing school buildings and the renovation of Malden High School. He served as council representative on the Domenic Fermano Fieldhouse, overseeing the construction of the facility under the guidance of former Mayor Ed Lucey” (WL 5/6/15)
  • Spouse & Children: Married to Jean. They have two children and three grandchildren (WL 5/9/15)
  • Community: “Condon is a member of the Stadium Commission and also a member of the St. Rocco Society. He is on the board of directors of the Italian American Citizens Club of Ward 2 and a member of the Irish American Club and the American Legion, Post 69” (WL 5/9/15):
  • Personal Statement: “As a city councilor, it is imperative that you respond to the problems presented to you by your constituents. These problems may include cracked or raised sidewalks, dead trees, potholes, snow removal, street cleaning, trash pickup and reports of illegal rooming houses, which still exist in our neighborhood” (WL 5/6/17).

Policies & Experiences

  • Public Comment: Voted to table discussion in 2017. (WL 9/27/17).
  • CFO/Treasurer: Voted in favor of Neil Kinnon for CFO/Treasurer. Kinnon had said, “I prefer to be the right hand of the person in charge, the right hand of the CEO. I was once called a ‘good soldier’ by Councilor Condon during my time as fire commissioner and that was a big honor to me” (Item 11/2/17). Mr. Condon voted against John Matheson‘s resolve that the mayor “find the funds, either in the next budget or prior, to have both a CFO and Treasurer on staff as opposed to one joint position”(WL 11/15/17).
  • ]Lead pipes: “While several options were discussed, none were approved at the committee’s Feb 28 meeting. Councilors Neil Kinnon and Paul Condon discussed making lead line replacement a requirement when a home is sold. Later in the evening, Condon introduced a paper into the Ordinance Committee to make the necessary changes for that to become a reality” (WL 3/1/17).
  • Public Parks:
  • In 2017, Mr. Anderson fought Councillor Matheson’s proposal to reallocate $180,000 earmarked for improvements at Anderson Park (Ward 7) and Callahan Park (Ward 2) to the Malden Redevelopment Authority’s housing rehabilitation loan program. “This park (Callahan) is one of the most heavily-used parks in the city, it’s not just a Ward Two park. We have to continue to make progress in all areas of the budget and not go after funds allocated in other wards” (Item 5/12/17).
  • Traffic: With Stephen Winslow, co-sponsored a resolve “that the Traffic Commission study and if appropriate designate speed safety zones next to Devir Park” (327-19).

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