Peg Crowe

Biography & Background Experience

  • Current Employment: Executive Director of the YWCA Malden (previously Managing Director).
  • Service: Has served as Ward 1 Councillor since 2011. Served as Council President in 2017. “She consolidated two separate committees – Appointments and Personnel – into one new committee under the leadership of Councillor DeMaria as the new Chairperson” (Patch 1/4/17).
  • Prior Service: Served as the Ward 1 School Committee Representative from 2003-2011. (WL 3/8/07).
  • Committees: Citizens Engagement; Parking Review; Personnel/Appointments; Public Works; Rules & Ordinance; Waterfront Access (City of Malden)
  • Endorsements: “Peg is an asset to Malden for all of those she serves, whether it is through the YWCA or the people that she represents as Ward Councilor” (Representative Ultrino, 6/25/15).
  • Community: Serves as the Community Representative for the Ferryway School on the 2018-2019 School Council (School Council).

Policies & Experiences

  • Civic engagement

    • Governmental Transparency: “I believe open, honest and respectful communication is key to transparency. That can be achieved in many ways. The responsible use of social media, using technology (that is easily searchable, timely and accurate). The use of technology cannot be the only manner of communication, you cannot discount face to face communication. I do believe interacting with the residents and having conversation with feedback and understanding goes a long way in creating transparency” (Quality).
    • Live streaming Meetings: “I do think it makes sense to have meetings streamed and archived for the public. The new City Hall is equipped with state of the art technology which I believe will allow us to more one step closer to making that happen. At this point I don’t have a proposal to review and offer support and as I always say “the devil is in the details” (Quality).

  • Infrastructure

    • Affordable Housing: Co-sponsored legislation that the City Council support the creation of a Security Deposit Pilot Program (325-19).
    • Cannabis: Ms. Crowe was Chairperson of the Cannabis Review Committee in 2018, when it recommended “a 50-foot buffer between marijuana establishments and private homes. The committee also wants to ban businesses from abutting houses of worship, religious facilities and daycare centers” (MA 5/18/18).
    • CFO/Treasurer: Voted in favor of Jonathan Davis for Malden Treasurer. (WL 11/15/17).
    • Lead pipes: In 2017, Ms. Crowe supported Ryan O’Malley’s “paper to reallocate funds from the city’s current road repaving project to replace these lead service lines” (WL 3/1/17). [The measure failed] In 2018, Ms. Crowe suggested having an MRA representative update the Council on their loan program. “If nobody has taken the loans, we need to know how we can tweak the program to make people want to do that” (MA 11/29/18).
    • Roosevelt Park: “When you combine our harsh winters and short summers with the localized drainage and flooding conditions, the result has been a field that is unusable far too often. We have seen the results of trying to maintain a natural grass field at that location … In supporting the installation of turf, I am not ignoring those passionate on the other side of the turf versus grass debate, but instead confident that the resulting community input will only help as we try to find the right balance so the project can move forward with the greatest benefit to our city” (MNN 5/29/19).
    • Unions: During the National Grid strike, “Peg Crowe, on behalf of the MDCC, delivered large trays of hamburgers and hotdogs to the striking workers standing out on Charles Street” (WL 8/19/18).

  • Transit Issues

    • Transportation Advisory Committee: With Stephen Winslow, she co-sponsored a resolve that Mayor Christenson establish a 5-person Long-Term Transportation Advisory Committee with 3 residents and 2 City Councillors “to study the City’s current procedures, services, and projects related to transportation planning and research and recommend best practices that can improve mobility and neighborhood quality of life throughout the City” (420-18).
    • Traffic: In 2017, Crowe and Councilor Barbara Murphy “first sponsored a resolve to have the Traffic Commission change the speed limit, and Matheson followed by suggesting the issue be posed to residents in the municipal election” (WL 6/28/17).
    • Walkability: Co-sponsored a resolve “that the MBTA should update the intersection of Commercial and Centre Street and reconfiguration of the bus depot at the Malden Center T to ensure pedestrian safety” (63-19).

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