Rob McCarthy Jr

Biography & Background Experience

  • Education: Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from American International College (2017); Bachelor of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University (2010).
  • Current Employment: Attendance Officer at Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational. Previously worked as a Paraprofessional there.
  • Children: “I have *no* kids” (WL 5/30/19).
  • Committees: Mr. McCarthy serves on the following committees: Public Facilities and Safety; Negotiations; and Social, Emotional and Physical Well-Being 

Policies & Experiences

  • Budget Priorities: “We must ensure that our budgetary process includes enough teachers to cover all our Malden classrooms with excellent teacher student ratios consistent with the class size guidelines. I would [hypothetically] use budget reduction approach that cuts non-salary accounts first normally known as ordinary maintenance accounts” (MDCC 2017)
  • Charter Schools: “Any drain on existing financial resources through charter expansion would in fact hurt our public schools funding allocation” (MDCC 2017).
  • Curriculum: Mr. McCarthy Jr would like to “implement new curriculum programs such as a new reading series or math series in our classrooms” (MDCC 2017).
  • Class size: “Many times a specific classroom can start out with an optimum number and with new students entering the school system on a daily basis these numbers can change very rapidly. We must always be cognizant of keeping our teacher/student ratios at optimum levels” (MDCC 2017).
  • Special Education: “The biggest challenge facing our special education department is getting our out of district placement issues under control … I believe the Malden Public Schools can turn this financial situation around by implementing innovative special education academic programs whereby we bring in students from other school districts that will pay the Malden Public Schools tuition instead of us paying another district tuition … We must also look at the inclusion model for our special education students whereby our students are placed within the mainstream classroom with appropriate inclusionary models and safeguards in place so that the students can obtain maximum feasible development” (MDCC 2017).

For More Information

  • Questionnaires & Debates
    • I could not find any public questionnaires that Mr. McCarthy had responded to.
  • Articles:
    • This Malden Musings Article about his likes (WL 5/30/19).
    • His 2017 answers to Malden Democratic City Committee.
  • Contact Information: