L-R: Anna Geoffroy; Rob McCarthy, Jr; Jennifer Spadafora; Leonard Iovino; Dawn Macklin; Adam Weldai; Renee Dean; Joseph Gray; Keith Bernard; Michelle Luong; John Froio; and Rachael Running (not shown)



(listed in seating order, from left to right):

Ward 1

Ward 2

Ward 3

Ward 4

Ward 5

Ward 6

Ward 7

Ward 8

Each candidate’s name is a hyperlink to their Malden Votes Brief Summary of Policies, which is under a 10-minute read.


  • 4:40: Opening Statements
  • 29:28: As you know, Malden is a racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse community with a growing number of immigrant families. Can you provide some examples of how you have worked with immigrant communities in the past and how you plan to do so in the future? And as part of your response, can you please speak directly to how you think the Malden Public Schools can better connect with families whose primary language is not English?
  • 43:30: Although the Malden community is racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse, our teachers and administrators do not reflect this diversity. What are your ideas about how we can recruit and retain more teachers of color? And in the meantime, how can we ensure that educators are using culturally and linguistically sustaining practices?
  • 57:59: Given our current national climate (which often highlights differences across racial and ethnic groups), how do you think we can alleviate tensions among students from different ethnic backgrounds in Malden? What do you see as the role of schools in creating a more equitable and inclusive community within our city?
  • 70:48: What do you see as the most pressing needs in the school district in the upcoming year and how will your perception of what important shape the next fiscal year’s school budget?
  • 1:24:20 Closing remarks