Andrew Vanni

Biography & Background Experience

  • Education: Bachelor’s in Business Administration – Accounting (UMass Boston);.Masters Degree (University of Hartford); Master of Science in Taxation; Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (Boston University)
  • Current Employment: Andrew Vanni Consulting, which he has operated since 1993 (LinkedIn).
  • Skills: “I Have Worked in Municipal Finance For Over 20 Years And Currently A Finance Director Of A Town, I Have Worked For Several Towns And Have A Great Deal Of Experience With Cities And Town’s Finances, Every Town That I Have Worked With I Have Successful Increase Their Bond Rating, And Increased Their Financial Condition” (Flyer).

Policies & Experiences

  • Biggest issues: Lower taxes, increased city services, lower water & sewer bills; better quality water; improved educational system (Flyer). “I aim to make Malden financially stronger” (email 9/22/19).
  • Motivation for Running: I Believe That This Experience [as a Financial Director for other cities] Can Be Utilized To Help Malden Grow Stronger Financially, Educationally, Socially, and Together” (Flyer)
  • Diverse Population: “I will do what it takes to see that everyone is treated on a level playing field irregardless to race,color, creed or sexual orientation. This country was founded on that all people are created equal” (MVQ).
  • Civic engagement: Mr. Vanni would create more cultural feasts honoring diverse cultures (MVQ).
  • Public Comment: “[The City Council] should create a time slot at the City Council meeting for Malden Citizens to speak. (in other words encourage people to express how they feel)” (MVQ).
  • Cannabis: “I would encourage dispensaries in Malden it would be a great source of revenue without much pain … The money can be used for our repairing our roads and infrastructure” (MVQ). “I would like to add dispensaries based that it is legal in all communities and why should our residents tax dollars go to another community, when we open dispensaries in Malden the tax dollars will go to Malden and not another community.  I am not really in favor of the legalization of marijuana but however, it is legal now, so Malden should make the best of it and receive their share of revenue so that roads and infrastructure may be repaired” (email 9/22/19).
  • Lead pipes: “The quality of our cities water is one of the poorest in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. When elected to the City Councilor I will focus on removing our lead water pipes and improving our cities water quality” (MVQ).
  • Environment: Mr. Vanni would work “to pass laws that remove plastic from our city. Plastic takes thousands of years to break down” (MVQ).
  • Tax Revenue: “I believe in looking for and cutting wasteful spending” (MVQ).
  • Malden Hospital: “The City should approach some of the larger hospital in Boston and have them create a satellite facility in Malden.(i.e. MGH)” (MVQ).
  • Public Schools: “Our Future And Their Future Depends On Educating Our Young The Best We Can, That Is The Only Way That They Will Survive In This Rapidly Changing World, We Must Give Our Young The Best Education Possible So They May Succeed In This Ever Competitive World” (Flyer).
  • Parking: “I believe that downtown Malden should have a free parking zone. People should not be penalized for doing business in Malden” (MVQ).
  • Roads: “The roads and gas leaks should also be addressed. These problems come from years of neglect. The City should adopt a capital spending plan and stick to it. Like I have done in other communities” (MVQ).
  • Miscellaneous: Mr. Vanni withdrew his name for consideration as a candidate for Malden’s CFO/Treasurer “due to the fact that I accepted a position in another community and it is unethical to accept a position in one community and continue the interview process in another community” and attempted to send an anonymous email to the members of the Malden City Council and The Boston Globe concerning another candidate for the position.(Telegram 3/21/18). He has apologized for any harm caused (FB 3/7/18) and is quick to point out that it was not a criminal act (MVQ).

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