Anna Geoffroy

Biography & Background

  • Children: Mother of Lizzy (15) and Brian (12). 
  • Endorsed byOur Revolution MaldenBay State Stonewall Democrats
  • Volunteer: “I’ve worked as an activist and advocate fighting to raise the voices of people across a wide spectrum of political beliefs” (FB 5/9/19).
  • Skills: “I have facilitated difficult discussions, connected groups and built coalitions, lobbied for change, and supported people in the process of tough transitions. As a parent, I can understand the issues other parents face and be a strong voice for our children” (MVQ).
  • Notable: “I’m very upset that every time I see Malden mentioned in the national news it is because our charter school has done something terrible and racist” (2017 SC Forum). (Ms. Geoffroy was not a candidate at this time.)

Policies & Experiences

  • Biggest issues: Civil rights for all, diverse hiring practices, helping other parents navigate the path that she has already gone on. 
  • Motivation for running: “I am a public school mom of nine years who has had to navigate special education meetings, conflicts between my children and others, transferring schools in district, and transportation. Now that my kids are a little older, I want to spend my time helping other parents going through these challenges and others. I believe working together we can meet the needs of every child and family in our city, but it will absolutely take a village” (MVQ).

  • Schools

    • PROMISE Act: “I am a strong supporter of the PROMISE Act, and have volunteered my time lobbying, phone banking, and attending the Fund Our Future rally” (MVQ). Photos of Ms. Geoffroy at a #FundOurFuture rally (FB 5/16/19). Information on the PROMISE Act here.
    • Charter Schools: “Charters have failed to live up to their promise as incubators of new ideas for teaching that share their results with public schools. They siphon resources and select for students who test well. These major issues cannot be ignored when we talk about charters. As it stands, they just hurt district schools. A much larger conversation needs to be had about how we get charters to live up to their promise, or how we phase them out” (MVQ).
    • Community: Ms. Geoffroy supports offering child care and livestreaming of School Committee meetings  (MVQ). She has often used her Facebook page to livestream a School Committee meeting. 
    • Curriculum: “Media literacy, especially focused on digital media consumption, will be a critical skill for our children to learn. Let’s talk about how we can help kids tell trolls and deepfakes from fact, so they can make good decisions” (FB 5/22/19).
    • Recess: “Improving recess conditions across our k-8 schools will have an immediate positive effect for our students and staff, and can be accomplished quickly” (MVQ).

  • Staffing

    • Diverse Teachers: “Implementing the suggestions put forward by MaldenCORE will do a great deal to improve racial equity in our district, and help all our students succeed. [These demands] lay out a clear path toward helping our non-white students see themselves represented in positions of authority and improve their outcomes” (MVQ). Ms. Geoffroy listed the MaldenCORE demands in her answers to ORM.
    • Substitute teachers: “Unfortunately our district is currently dramatically underfunded by the state, and we have been in a position of barely treading water for years. That’s why I’ve been volunteering my time with the Fund Our Future campaign to pass important legislation at the State House to get adequate funding for all Massachusetts schools. In the meantime, acknowledging the valid concerns being raised by teachers and staff at issues at Salemwood and Malden High would at least help with our morale issues in the district” (ORM).
    • Wages: “I would support moving towards $15/hour for anyone working in our schools, but we will need to find a way to do it without cutting staff or student resources. Ultimately, that means we need more money for our schools, whether it’s from the state or through a 2 ½ override. I know Malden has not had an appetite for overrides in the past, so we’ll need to have a longer discussion about how to get where we need to be” (ORM).

  • Students

    • Busing: Ms. Geoffroy joined the protest at Malden Center when the MBTA raised prices. “Bus fares are a school family issue in Malden. We no longer have bus service for our MPS students, and so more and more parents are forced to rely on the T to serve as their child’s school bus … Keeping fares affordable for families is critical for our city. Kids are more likely to make it to school on time if they have reliable transportation, and public transit can help relieve traffic congestion on main arteries” (FB 7/2/19).
    • Mental Health: “We owe it to the children of this city to take their mental health seriously, to provide both appropriate accommodations within the classroom, and to help build the wide network of social support they need to thrive” (FB 5/16/19).
    • Immigrants: “It is critical for all of our students that we act to protect the most vulnerable. Making our schools a place where students and parents feel safe to be is our clear duty, and I am glad to see the city of Malden answering that call” (FB 9/10/19). “We need to ensure that cultural sensitivity training for teachers and administrators includes information about immigration, and make sure harmful lies about immigrants are challenged at every turn” (ORM).
    • LGBTQ+: Ms. Geoffroy lobbied at the State House in favor of the Healthy Youth Act, to get Massachusetts students “accurate, comprehensive, LGBTQ inclusive health education” (FB 6/3/19). “It’s past time we create space for 7-8 grade LGBTQ youth to get support to their peers and informed adults, similar to the group at our High School … They worry about bullying and intolerance, they worry about the world around them, and some of them fear for their safety and housing … We can also work on professional development for teachers and administrators to ensure they are sensitive to LGBTQ issues all the way down to the k-8 level, and coordinate with the Malden LGBTQ group to ensure our youth have the community support they need” (ORM).
    • Lunches: “Universal Free Lunch is an option we can explore for the city. This would end the “shame sandwich” problem (where children who are behind on lunch payment are offered a sandwich instead, which can be embarrassing for students)  and increase participation in school lunch” (ORM).

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