Dave Camell

Biography & Background Experience

  • Education: Master’s Degree in Finance & MBA in Asset Management (Boston College – Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management) BS in Information Technology (Rochester Institute of Technology) and Everett High School (LinkedIn).
  • Current EmploymentPrincipal Data Scientist (Uplight); previously Principal Engineer (FirstFuel Software).
  • Service: Has served as Councillor of Ward 6 since November 2017.
  • Committees: Finance Committee; Parking Review; Rules & Ordinance;
    Traffic Mitigation (City of Malden).
  • Spouse & Children: Married to Jenna for 8 years; they have two boys. “David has lived in Malden for 14 years, and chose to start his family here because of the strength and warmth of the community” (About).

Policies & Experiences

  • Biggest issues: Governmental transparency, encouraging commercial development, affordable housing
  • Motivation for running: “I want to be a voice for our community. I believe that our city government should be open, accessible and responsive to every member of our community, and as Councilor I will fight to make that vision a reality” (About).
  • Philosophy: “What’s important in the toughest times is to stop trying to be the smartest person in the room and instead try to work as a team to get the best answer” (2017 Debate)

  • Civic Engagement

    • Governmental Transparency: “I have been a strong (and slightly annoying) proponent to improve our electronic records. This ranges from our ordinances, to papers in front on the council, minutes, and agendas. Poorly scanned PDFs are not appropriate in the 21st century.” (Quality 2019).
    • Livestreaming Meetings: “Right now we have citizens doing this work, getting it our on various streaming sources. But we should do our best as a City to provide this so our citizens can stay informed; it is crucial in a democracy” (Quality 2019).
    • Public Comment: “Whether or not people talk, just saying this is your government and you can speak is very important in building public trust” (MA 11/10/17).
    • Translation: Mr. Camell worked with Debbie DeMaria to get translation services at public meetings for Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese speakers (Sampan 9/27/19).

  • Health & Safety

    • Addiction: “I find it absolutely despicable when some attempt to vilify addicts for political gain, and I absolutely do not care if my saying so loses me votes now or ever” (FB 9/18/19).
    • Police & Fire: “This part of the city has face increased risk because we no longer have a fire station. While having a new police station is certainly a benefit, we need to push harder to improve the safety coverage for our neighborhood. We need a two prong push: one in which we find new tax revenue … and two, a unified push from all of our citizens and elected officials” (Issues). Mr. Camell followed up on this as Councillor (FB 2/5/19).
    • Sanctuary Act: “I believe we need to make clear at a city level that any victim of a crime can report that crime without fear of immigration consequences, regardless of what is decided at state or federal level” (MDCC 2017).

  • Infrastructure

    • Affordable Housing: “besides inclusionary zoning, what I want to see is how do we achieve a livable city for our people who are already here?” (Quality 2019). In 2017, Mr. Camell supported “a policy stating all new housing projects must include sufficient affordable housing units. Affordable housing works best when fully integrated with all neighborhoods” (Quality 2017).
    • Cannabis: “I would suggest Highway Business and Central Business District zones, with setbacks from schools and churches of 250 to 500 feet. I’d also suggest looking at 50 to 100 feet setback from residences” (MDCC 2017).
    • CFO/Treasurer: “Though just elected last week, Camell was able to take office immediately in accordance with the city charter due to the vacancy left by Kinnon. In that time, Camell reviewed all the relevant information in order to make an informed decision … Camell explained that [Jonathan] Davis’ experiences at the MBTA made him ‘battle hardened’ in various financial aspects, including the handling of debt” (WL 11/15/17).
    • Commercial Businesses: “We need to focus on bolstering commercial enterprises in Malden in order to improve our tax revenue and bring new customers for existing businesses, without the added expenses that more residents brings … These would create a net positive cash flow by collecting revenue outside of the city while paying salaries in the city … The east side of the city, Wards Six, Seven, and Eight, are incredibly attractive for this kind of investment” (MDCC 2017).
    • Environment: Mr. Camell proposed the ordinance to ban single-use plastic bags with the concern “that these bags are used, on average, for 12 minutes but take about 500 years to break down naturally” (WL 10/1/19).
    • Future Development: “Councilor David Camell says overly restrictive building codes ‘handcuffs us in perpetuity,’ although he stressed, ‘I just want to strongly reject the idea that a vote against these particular stipulations is a vote for overdevelopment … Camell said Malden’s development of resident housing has produced a “lopsided” effect, saying the city must focus on commercial and industrial projects and ‘bring jobs here'” (NV 4/5/18)
    • Hotels: “I do generally support looking into properly, professionally run hotels downtown. The room tax is one potential source of revenue, and the added customer base for businesses in the square (hopefully folks who walk from the hotel to a restaurant) also helps bolster our tax base” (FB 12/5/17 – comments)
    • Tax Revenue: Mr. Camell strongly endorses new businesses and the tax revenue the city could get from them. “We actually have a lot of leverage when it comes to negotiating with those who’d like to build in our community … We ought to keep clear that our goals are to increase revenue, improve services for our residents, and create new jobs within Malden for Malden residents” (Item 10/16/17).
    • Unions: “Unions helped build the middle class in this country, and we all benefit from the hard fought advances they achieved. I believe union labor should be used on publicly funded construction projects without exception” (MDCC 2017).
    • Waste & Recycling: “I do not support the contract with JRM and will look for ways to either improve our terms or prepare for another provider at the first opportunity” (MDCC 2017).

  • Public Spaces

    • High Rock: “This is a beautiful part of our city, and we are fortunate to have it right here in our neighborhood. I oppose development on High Rock, and I will do everything in my power to protect this amazing resource” (Issues)
    • Malden Hospital: “We need compromise that minimizes impact, preserves green space, affordability, and produces revenue” (Quality 2017).
    • Malden River: “My primary concern as Ward Six Councillor is to make sure that if city-wide resources are dedicated to something, that all residents of the city, including those on the east side, benefit. Also, we have to balance what demands we place on the two interacting stakeholder groups of business owners and residents/taxpayers”(Quality 2019).
    • Public Schools: Mr. Camell is a strong supporter of public schools and school equity. “Education was the ladder that brought me from a low income childhood to a rewarding career in engineering. My wife and I are raising two sons here in this city (aged 2 and 4 years), and they will attend Malden Public Schools. Educating our children is far too important to leave the quality of their education to chance. Every child in our ward, and our city, should have the chance to receive a high quality education in order to open up opportunity for their futures” (Issues):
    • Traffic Congestion: “We need to put our differences aside and put concentrated pressure, as a community, on our Commonwealth to deal with the chronically underfunded public transit system” (Quality 2019).
    • Trafton Park: “The Malden Redevelopment Authority recently won a $400,000 grant for improvements … working with City Councilors Dave Camell and Steve Winslow, is also applying for Community Preservation Act funds to complete the Trafton Park Phase I project” (Patch 10/1/19).
    • Trees: “I have been in some great conversations lately with our administration and Councillors-At-Large about getting resources dedicated to more trees in the area of Maplewood Square” (Quality 2019).

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