Jadeane Sica

Jadeane M. Sica (incumbent) for City Council

Brief Summary

  • Has served Ward 8 for four years.
  • Supports events to create a sense of community, including Easter Egg hunts, July 4th parties, and family movie nights (Ward 8 debate)
  • Supported the creation of a housing plan (in process) which positions Malden to be proactive with HUD in addressing affordable housing. (Our Revolution questions) “We are in the top 10 communities in affordable housing already. We need to plan carefully for some more senior housing.” (Ward 8 debate)
  • Supports the initiative to create a network of bike lanes & pedestrian-friendly ways to connect every neighborhood to the Northern Strand Community Trail, thinks it will help current small businesses and would be interested in allowing more.
  • Supports creating a waterfront park/boardwalk on both sides of Malden River and wants a Storm Water Master Plan to evaluate our adherance to the Mass DEP storm water standards and identify areas where Malden can improve
  • Opposes the marijuana moratorium but feels dispensaries should be kept away from schools and daycares.
  • Would support the City creating a Storm water Master Plan to evaluate our adherence to Mass DEP storm water standards and identify areas where Malden can improve
  • Was hospitalized when public comment was discussed by City Council. Thinks she would’ve voted for it as a trial run, but feels strongly that people should have public comment during committee meetings, before the vote is taken to the whole city council. (Ward 8 debate)
  • Wants to bring back the DARE program to educate high school students about drug use. (Ward 8 debate)
  • Supports helping seniors with their water bills and with the expansion of programs at the Senior Center. (Ward 8 debate)
  • Voted in favor of Neil Kinnon for Malden Treasurer/CFO (11-1-17).
  • Concerned about the overdevelopment in Ward 8. Granada Highlands and Overlook Ridge want to add three buildings each. Sica is concerned about the traffic, much of which she blames on apps such as Waze. (Ward 8 debate)
  • Would support getting hotels in Malden so that the taxes could go toward funding for the schools. (Ward 8 debate)
  • Active volunteer in Malden Schools, Pop Warner, cheerleading, football, and hockey. “My children have grown up in the most diverse city around. I think it’s wonderful. My children do not see color. They’re 15 and 18. It’s just not there.” (Ward 8 debate)
  • “We need to figure out ways to get more diversity into our teaching staff here in the Malden Public Schools, so that children of diverse cultures can look up to teachers of their own cultures … I’m not quite sure why we don’t have a diverse teaching staff …. but it’s definitely something that needs to be addressed.” (Ward 8 debate)
  • “I supported the residential moratorium because … until we figure out what we’re going to do with all that traffic, and those school-aged children, I feel we need to look at the issues and see how those are going to affect us before we decide to add any more residential development” (Ward 8 debate)
  • “I was not in support of the marijuana moratorium …. I would much rather have my child go to a place that it is regulated and I know what she’s getting than buying it off the street from a dealer.” (Ward 8 debate)
  • Might use the Community Preservation funds to turn the street hockey rink into an ice skating rink in the winter. “At first, I wasn’t quite sure about the Community Preservation Act because I didn’t think that Ward 8 would benefit from it; but the more I learned about it, the more I got excited because I can use it in Ward 8.” (Ward 8 debate)

For More Information

  • Answered all 5 “Quality of Life” questions.
  • Participated in the Ward 8 debate.
  • Contact information: Email: jsica@cityofmalden.org Phone: (781) 389-1177