John Froio

Biography & Background Experience

  • Education: Attended Malden Public Schools, Linden Elementary, Browne Jr. High. Graduate of Malden High School and of Fitchburg State College
  • Current employment: Has represented Ward 8 in the School Committee for over 11 years. Serves as Co-Chair of the Budget; Negotiations; and Space and Enrollment Committees; as well as Liaison for Sick Bank and the Malden High School Alumni Association; and is a member of the Academics Committee (Malden School Committee).
  • Previous employment: Malden Teacher for 28 years; educator for 30 years. Teacher Certifications: Vocational Education, Instructional Technology Specialist (All levels); Technology Education (pre K-12); Elementary (1-6); Middle School (5-9); Driver Education
  • Children Father of “three children who were educated through the Malden Public Schools” (WL 10/30/09).
  • Community Served on the Board of Directors for Malden Kiwanis Club in 2016; that year, he received the Legion of Honor for five years of service (WL 10/17/16).
  • Skills “As always, I will maintain an open-door policy and will always be there to address your questions and concerns” (Facebook – About).


  • Biggest issues – Adequate funding; keeping teacher/student ratio at acceptable levels; and making sure “Malden Public Schools offer a comprehensive education to all students, so that no student is left behind” (WL 10/30/09).
  • Budget Priorities: In 2009, he promised “I will lobby our state and federal officials to ensure that the Malden Public Schools get their fair share of funding. I will pursue alternate funding sources for our schools … it is important that we have a voice that understands how to root out waste and inefficiencies in the budget process, someone who believes that our children’s educational needs come first and will monitor school budget spending to that end. I have been a strong voice on these issues and will continue to be in the future” (WL 10/30/09).
  • Staffing: “I feel that it is the role of the school committee to ensure that we have a sufficient teaching staff that has adequate materials and supplies to deliver a quality education to our students” (WL 10/30/09).
  • Diverse Staffing: Voted in favor of John Oteri for Superintendent (WL 4/3/17)
  • Curriculum: “I was trained in curriculum development and this is experience that I bring to the School Committee when we discuss educational policy matters. Additionally, my schooling included classes in educational administration” (WL 10/30/09).
  • Roosevelt Park – “Natural grass would be my choice for Roosevelt Park because there are too many drawbacks to artificial turf. It is plastic. Being a petroleum-based product it creates pollution and waste in the manufacturing process. It is not biodegradable … it might be better to grow something rather than smother the living soil beneath it” (MNN 5/29/19).
  • Vocational training: ” I was a leader on the issue of keeping technology/vocational education in our schools, and was instrumental in forming a committee to examine the technology/vocational program in the Malden Public Schools. This issue is important for the school children of Malden because not all of our students who apply are admitted to the Northeast Vocational School … in this skill-based economy, it is important that Malden Public Schools offer a strong technology/vocational program for our children so they will not be left behind” (WL 10/30/09).

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