Julianne Orsino with her dog

Julianne Orsino with her dog

Biography & Background Experience

  • Education: BA in Economics and Psychology (UMass Boston); MS in Environmental Studies (Antioch College).
  • Current Employment: Owner of JMO Consulting since 2010 (LinkedIn). Office Manager at Chinese Culture Connection
  • Spouse & Children: Married to Emily Rivera. They have one child.
  • Volunteer Work: Co-founder of the Malden Community Action Group, Chair of the Malden Community Preservation Committee (CPC) and resident member of the Complete Streets Taskforce (About).
  • Skills: “I have been able to build strong relationships with current city councilors, whether we agree politically or not. This ability to work well with others regardless of political position is an essential skill for the next Ward 3 City Councillor to possess” (MVQ). “I have strong management, negotiation, data analysis and team-building skills”

Policies & Experiences

  • Biggest issues: “how to move forward with a solution for the Malden Hospital site, improve transportation and traffic and effectively manage our public parks” (email 10/28/19).
  • Diversity in Malden: “I am a member of LGBTQ+ community with a wife and daughter who are Latina. I have real experience being part of a marginalized community and am thankful for living Massachusetts where our relationship is protected …. Including communities of differing abilities, ages, mixed backgrounds and socio-economic levels is the best way to become inclusive of all walks of life” (MVQ).

  • Civic engagement: 

    • Public Comment: Supports public comment; however “we should not always expect people to come to the elected officials solely during this time. I know individuals who cannot attend due to family, work and health reasons” (MVQ)
    • Voter Turnout: “When leaders are able to demonstrate and communicate the value of civic engagement to constituents and how together we can solve problems and shape the future of Malden, new and existing voters will, volunteer, engage and vote” (MVQ).

  • Infrastructure

    • Affordable Housing “As your Ward 3 City Councillor I will continue to look closely at the current housing vouchers and seize the opportunity to support residents who currently need these to stay in their homes. Addressing the affordable housing needs of those currently living in Malden will be my top priority. We have inadvertently displaced many through gentrification” (MVQ).
    • Cannabis: “There is the opportunity for 5 licensed marijuana dispensaries within Malden. I support the current Cannabis Commission and their amazing work in vetting applicants for these licenses … The revenue has been set to be distributed between public health and education programs by ordinance” (MVQ).
    • Environment: Ms. Orsino wants Malden to “Research, communicate and implement more opportunities for alternative energy and energy conservation programs” (MVQ) “As well as focus more financial resources toward managing our open space and public parks” (email 10/28/19).
    • Lead pipes: “I was honored to provide input for data gathering efforts and see it was included in a recent lead pipe presentation. My recommendation was to identify areas with the greatest concentration of children by leveraging data effectively. The recent lead pipe data assessment did just that” (MVQ).
    • Property Taxes: “I support Malden’s residential exemption on property taxes … We must consider all socio-economic positions in our decision making, particularly in the leadership role of city councillor. I have worked with city councillors to develop cross-reference data to better audit and enforce the rules around the exemption” (OrsinoWard3).
    • Tax Revenue: “By attracting mid to large sized commercial enterprises, Malden will be able to support the myriad of small businesses we currently have. We can drive the tax revenue without negatively impacting our state school funding and we can make our public transportation options work for the city, not against it” (MVQ).

  • Public Spaces

    • Bathrooms: I support gender neutral bathrooms in our public buildings, including schools” (OrsinoWard3).
    • Fellsmere Park: Ms. Orsino organized the Haunted Hikes in 2018 and 2019 (OrsinoWard3) and feels “it is imperative we build a stronger working relationship with DCR and partner with this state agency to maintain Fellsmere Park as the “jewel of the city,” as it is often referred” (MVQ).
    • Health & Safety: “I brought Moms Demand Action to Malden and in the hopes we can create a Malden chapter” (OrsinoWard3).
    • Malden Hospital:”I support the community vision that has been developed by residents. A reasonably sized housing facility for seniors and veterans with interactive open space that ties into Fellsmere Park” (MVQ).
    • Malden River “Planning for public access to the Malden River should align with the overall plans for Commercial Street and the city … I will work to pull together the number of studies already completed and look at the overall opportunity holistically. Also, I support additional enforcement of Chapter 91” (Quality 2019). She also supports a yearly city-wide resident/volunteer clean-up and other opportunities to improve the vitality of Malden River (MVQ).
    • Public Spaces: “In FY2019 we [the CPC] funded 8 projects throughout the city including the children’s play structures at Fitzgerald Park, the expansion of the community gardens, WWI Memorial, archives at the Malden Public Library, High Rock, Trafton and Roosevelt Park” (CPC 9/23/19).
    • Roosevelt Park: “CPA funds for Roosevelt Park are being allocated to address the many drainage challenges, to create an amazing outdoor classroom, and provide a safe playing space with new fencing, netting and dugouts” (CPC 9/23/19).
    • Trees “I will support hiring an arborist as a consultant who can help us plan for planting native trees with slow growing and short expansion root systems … Adding to the essential tree canopy beautifies the neighborhoods and provides critical green material the environment needs” (Quality 2019).

  • Schools

    • Budget Priorities: “What is extremely important is for the funding model for public schools to be revamped to truly meet the needs of our children and remove the inequities and disparities felt by communities with less financial means. I am hopeful our state representatives will hear the will of the people and continue to prioritize education funding” (ORM).
    • Charter Schools: “I have publicly stated that there is an opportunity at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School to make some much needed changes at the governance level. Ultimately, the responsibility of oversight of Charter schools falls with DESE. I support DESE, as an oversight agency, in engaging the school’s governing body in a more proactive manner. In general we need to reconsider the for profit approach that is driving Charter school expansion and work to provide appropriate funding levels for district schools that allow our public schools to flourish while meeting the mandates that are set for them” (ORM).
    • Class Size: “I support investigating options to relieve some classroom capacity. I recommended to the superintendent a short-term option to investigate mobile classrooms” (OrsinoWard3).

  • Transit issues

    • Bikes: “The bike lanes being added throughout the city provide much-needed safety for the cyclists traveling to and from their destinations. Working on providing safe travel routes for all within our neighborhoods has been a focus of my successful community advocacy for years” (Quality 2019).
    • MBTA: “Malden can take a leadership role in moving the MBTA toward equitable assessments tied to improved service for all, but this is not a small task. It will take strong, committed and tenacious leaders to initiate and follow through” (MA 9/13/19)
    • Driving: Ms. Orsino supports a) traffic signals at the Fellsway & Highland Ave intersection; b) solar on-demand pedestrian lights at several dangerous intersections; c) on-demand pedestrian lights funded by the $90,000 rideshare revenue the city receives from the state. (Quality 2019).
    • Highland Ave/Fellsway “I gathered signatures from over 160 households to show our elected officials that this was a real issue. I led the initiative for the current common-sense solution and was able to articulate the benefits of prioritizing this long-term solution for a dangerous intersection to our City Council, elected state and local officials and many of the community members” (MA 8/16 or here).
    • Parking: “The city has just implemented meters, parking enforcement and is working on implementing a city-wide parking permit program. We should track the success of these initiatives and measure the success using revenue generation and resident feedback” (MVQ).
    • Roads: “Streets, sidewalks, safe travel these are critical issues that a City Councillor must address. These are matters I have worked hard to implement and support through the years” (MVQ).
    • Walkability: “I will work to have solar on demand pedestrian lights installed at a number of dangerous crosswalks to help make our children’s travels safer” (OrsinoWard3).

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