Leonard Iovino

Biography & Background Experience

  • Background Experience: Spent nearly thirty-six (36) years in the Malden Public Schools as both a teacher and principal. He served as teacher & assistant principal at Lincoln Junior High School from 1968-1999; then four years as the principal for grades 5-8 at the Salemwood School. His late wife Joanne was also a school teacher.
  • Children: one son and a daughter-in-law.
  • Committees: Mr. Iovino serves on the following School Committee Subcommittees: Budget Negotiations (Co-Chair); Space & Enrollment (Co-Chair); Superintendent Evaluation (Chair); Academics

Policies & Experiences

  • Motivation for running: “Let me assure you that my desire to continue serving the parents, students, and the Malden Public Schools has never been stronger” (FB 6/10/19).
  • Budget Priorities: “As a taxpayer I an keenly aware of what our city can afford to spend, and I, along with other members of the school committee have kept a sharp eye on the “bottom line”. Faced with the continuing possibility of cuts to school budgets at the state and federal levels, my focus remains the same. I want to ensure a high quality educational experience while maintaining fiscal responsibility” (FB 6/10/19).
  • Charter Schools: Mr. Iovino wants to convert one of Malden’s K-8 schools to an in-district charter school or an innovation school. “They have a degree of flexibility, a little autonomy. I think it’s something that public education needs right now” (WL 3/7/17).

  • Staffing

    • Diversity: “While no one disagrees that the district needs to address systemic racism and promote racial equity, there is a sense that steps the district has taken are not being recognized. Iovino said when Oteri was named superintendent there two administrators of color in the district. ‘Now there are nine or 10,’ he said” (MA 8/17/17).
    • Diversity: “Iovino worries that charges of racism are being made too and damaging the prospect of meaningful dialog, ‘We are working with faculty and planning a real push in the direction of racial equity this year … We are all committed to bringing about equality and inclusion to Malden schools” (MA 8/17/17).
    • Superintendent: “Iovino first made a motion to support Oteri’s candidacy, saying he believed Oteri had stood above the other finalists in his interview last Thursday” (WL 4/3/17).
    • Teacher Wages: In 2017, “The School Committee approved new union contracts for teachers, administrators and paraprofessionals. All three groups – units A, B and C – will get modest raises of not more than two percent in any school year included in the contract, per the order of Mayor Gary Christenson, Iovino said” (WL 6/20/17).

  • Students

    • Diversity: “The current student enrollment in Malden is 6,730 students. This enrollment number includes students with a wide range of educational, emotional, and physical challenges. Additionally, a large number of our children come from homes where English is not the family’s first language. Our mission of ensuring quality education for all is not only a quality of life issue, it is mandated by state and federal laws” (FB 6/10/19).
    • Study Abroad: “Iovino said the new standard for school travel abroad should include acknowledgement by trip organizers that parents of potential student travelers have been alerted to foreign safety threats” (Item 11/17/17).

For More Information

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