Leonard V. Iovino

Brief Summary

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  • Teacher & assistant principal at Lincoln Junior High School from 1968-1999; then four years as the principal for grades 5-8 at the Salemwood School
  • Iovino said he was “very happy” about the goal of increasing diversity within the staff and administration.
  • Voted in favor of John Oteri for Superintendent, saying he believed Oteri had stood above the other finalists
  • Chairperson for the budget subcommittee. Here’s an article about the fiscal budget for 2018.
  • Wants to convert one of Malden’s K-8 schools to an in-district charter school or an innovation school, which could happen as soon as 2018. “They have a degree of flexibility, a little autonomy. I think it’s something that public education needs right now.” This would cost $100,000.
  • Serves on the following committees: Budget (Chair), Superintendent Evaluation, (Chair), Negotiations (Co-Chair), and Space & Enrollment, (Co-Chair)

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