Michelle Luong

Biography & Background Experience

  • Education: Graduate of Salem State College (now University).
  • Current Employment Realtor for RE/MAX Trinity
  • Spouse & ChildrenMom of two students in the Malden Public Schools
  • Endorsed by Our Revolution MaldenGreater Boston Labor CouncilLaborers Local 22
  • Community: involved in the Zonta Club, which recently “held an event called “Silent No More” to bring awareness to the issue of Teen Dating Violence” (WL 5/9/19).
  • Skills: “I have spent many years advocating for children’s rights for not only my family but, for others as well. I have fought for special needs services, for increased teacher- parent communications” (MVQ).

Policies & Experiences

  • Biggest issues: Stronger Anti-drug and Vaping policies; Bullying Prevention Programs; Educational Equality.
  • Motivation for Running: “It was time to make sure that every child in Malden has access to the same opportunities regardless of their race, economic status, disability or gifted mind” (MVQ).
  • Budget priorities: teacher salaries; anti-vaping detectors; school safety hardware; software needs; and the arts (MVQ)
  • PROMISE Act: “I fully support the much needed changes that the Promise act can fulfill. I will work alongside teachers and parents so that our voices are heard by our state representatives and senators” (MVQ). Information on the PROMISE Act here.
  • Charter Schools: “Charter Schools are a public school that should adhere to public school policies. Their teachers should be unionized, they should provide an education to all special needs students, English language learners, diverse students, etc. The idea that they only keep the best and brightest is not the spirit in which the Charter School system was built. Charter Schools should also at the end of the budget year return any unused funding back to the city and towns. (MVQ)
  • Health & Safety: Ms. Luong has a 3-part plan to prohibit vaping in schools, including “additional youth anti-vaping education added to our curriculum especially targeting our K-5” (FB 8/30/19). Additionally, she would like to “install vaping detector systems in all our school bathrooms and classrooms” (FB 9/3/19).
  • Parent & Community Involvement: “Offering parents and the community more detailed information ahead of the meeting on what is being voted on or discussed. They could also allow for questions to be asked ahead of time and answered live” (MVQ)

  • Staffing 

    • Diversity:I want to look at the grants offered through the Department of Education on Diversity. We need to look at our recruitment and hiring practices” (ORM)
    • Substitute teachers: We should be looking at people that have life experience, again, hire from within Malden and pay a living wage” (ORM)
    • Wages: Supports a $15/hour wage, “with incentives to earn more” (ORM)

  • Student Diversity 

    • Disabled: “I have spent over 10 years advocating for special needs services for my daughter, who is dyslexic. She is now a senior at Malden High School” (MVQ)
    • Immigrants: “I would like to spearhead a campaign reaching out to parents with a language barrier regarding school expectations, their students need and the questions that they should be asking the teachers … their Child could in fact be slipping through the cracks and some of these parents do not know what to ask for and when” (ORM)
    • LGBTQ+: For preschool through grade, she supports adding LGBTQ info to the curriculum. For upper grades, “We need to recruit our youth to act as leaders within their circles. Preaching acceptance and respect for all” Ms. Luong also supports “an anonymous portal that allows students to make a complaint on what they see without fear of reprisals. ‘See Something Say Something'” (ORM)
    • Racial Diversity: I think embracing what makes us different and what similarities we have …. I would love to see a day like the trail of churches, where residents went from church to church in one day, hearing a presentation about that particular religion and its importance. We could do the same in Malden with a cultural trail or festival” (ORM)

For More Information

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