Mission Statement

Malden Votes started in 2017. I try to provide factual information on all candidates and questions that will be on the ballot in Malden, MA. If anything I’ve posted does not meet that standard, please contact me at MaldenVotes@gmail.com

From 2009-2016, I lived in 7 different cities, moving to Malden at the end of 2016. I would always register to vote and find my voting places, but I found it very difficult to find out who was running for office or what they believed in. I know from talking to friends that this is not unusual. Rent increases and roommate drama have led to a lot of people moving around; and though we want to stay politically active, we haven’t been around long enough to know anything about the names on our ballots.

I believe that local elections are incredibly important; but they are equally difficult to research. In 2017, I started Malden Votes (at the suggestion of and with the help of some friends) as a way for me to try to help others in similar situations as I had been. I tried to find ~10 bullet points of information on a candidate’s policies and statements, referenced by interviews, debates, and questionnaires.

In 2017, the questionnaires I was able to find were from Malden Democrats, Our Revolution, and the “Quality of Life” questions posted in various local newspapers. I didn’t like that these sources had an obvious bias as well as limited responses; so in 2019, I decided to try my own questionnaire. I worked on the questions with my friend who runs Medford Votes with an effort at making them as non-partisan as possible. I will be posting these answers unedited and unabridged so that candidates can express themselves fully and voters can have all the information possible.

Malden Votes does not offer endorsement to candidates but hopes to offer bi-partisan information to citizens so that they can decide which candidates best align with their values. My hope is that no one who goes to vote will ever again look at a ballot and think, “I don’t know anything about these people.”