Neal Anderson

Biography & Background Experience

  • Service: If re-elected, this would be his 8th consecutive term on the City Council.
  • Committees: Cemetery; Citizens Engagement; Finance; License; Municipal Building; Personnel/Appointments; Public Works; Waterfront Access (City of Malden)
  • Motivation for running: “It has been an honor to serve the people of our neighborhood for the past 30 years. I have worked hard to make Ward 7 a better place to live, work and play, and believe that my record is a good one. Based on that record, I am asking you to allow me to continue in my current service as your City Councillor” (WL 7/25/17)
  • Philosophy: “My approach to representing you has always depended heavily on your involvement in the decision-making process. The redesign of Miller Park, for example, is the product of a citizen committee, whose vision and innovative ideas enabled us to create a comfortable and inviting passive recreation space. In a like manner, I have depended upon the residents most directly involved in resolving neighborhood issues ranging from on-street parking regulations to zoning and development” (WL 7/25/17)

Policies & Experiences

  • Affordable Housing: “Community Preservation will dedicate 10% of annual funds to affordable housing. Additionally, I would be willing to consider zoning modifications to address affordability issues” (Quality 2017).
  • Anderson Park: In 2017, Mr. Anderson fought Councillor Matheson’s proposal to reallocate $180,000 earmarked for improvements at Anderson Park (Ward 7) and Callahan Park (Ward 2) to the Malden Redevelopment Authority’s housing rehabilitation loan program. “These funds were allocated for specific projects in these wards. Other ward councilors should not be looking to recoup these funds for other purposes.” (Item 5/12/17).
  • Bike Path: long supporter of commercial businesses on the bike path
  • Bikes: “The bikes fill a gap that’s needed, but they are also troublesome … They are being left at intersections, bus stops and in the middle of sidewalks. That takes away from the positive aspects of the program” (MA 12/27/18).
  • CFO/Treasurer: Voted in favor of Jonathan Davis for Malden Treasurer/CFO (Item 11/2/17 and WL 11/15/17).
  • Environment: Celebrates Earth Day with a ward clean-up, using his leaf blower to clear paths (FB 4/27/19 and FB 4/21/18)
  • Malden Hospital: “I will support whatever proposal the ward councillor and residents approve. As those most affected, their opinions should be given greater weight in the decision” (Quality 2017).
  • Public Comment: Voted both to table the matter and, once that failed,against allowing comment (WL 9/27/17).
  • Water Run-off: Mr. Anderson supports “increased resident education, prominent labeling of storm drains, and aggressive ordinance enforcement would be a good start. I would be interested in additional proposals” to improve the water quality of the storm water that is discharged through the city’s storm sewer system into (Quality 2017).

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